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In a world where electricity offers comfort and convenience, powers data collection and preserves fossil fuels, electricians have opportunities like never before. Customers across all Fiske Electric divisions are becoming more tech savvy by the day. On the residential side, it's bluetooth thermostats and electronic blinds. In other areas, it's devices that measure inputs and outputs, such as water usage and time spent.

As an electrician that works across half a dozen different industries, we are uniquely positioned to address the big picture and look to the future. When we're upgrading a panel to accommodate an EV charger, we're looking at all of the necessary circuit upgrades to support the other electrical appliances of the future.

Where electricians used to work task by task, we're now approaching each project with a mind for what it means. Can we do better than what was asked of us by:

  • Saving time and man-power on our own team?

  • Sourcing better materials?

  • Partnering with more cutting-edge technology manufacturers?

  • Reducing the use of natural gas?

  • Reducing the energy bill?

  • Getting ahead of future needs for maintenance and upgrades?

The answer is yes. In fact, many municipalities are incentivizing upgrades that come as a result of forward thinking. Some are even requiring new homes and commercial facilities to be all-electric or meet certain building performance standards.

According to an Electrical Contractor article, "'The city and county of Denver is offering 'net zero emission' (NZE) incentives for 100% all-electric new buildings and homes, and is currently conducting a pilot featuring a half-dozen or so demonstration projects,' said Katrina Managan, director of buildings and homes in Denver’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency."

The same article states that even outside of policies and incentives, property owners are choosing remotely controlled electric stoves, water heaters, dryers and vehicle chargers, as a means of comfort and convenience.

It's all part of a cycle, spurring manufacturers to ramp up newer and better all-electric products. Commercials, ads and other media highlight the control, comfort, health and energy savings that come with electrification, and the all-electric revolution continues to gain momentum.

While many electricians are now seeing the opportunity to partner with manufacturers, distribute their products and diversify the services they provide, this is something Fiske Electric did long ago. We have been ready for this moment - and we're excited for the future.


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