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We’ve all seen the big white wind turbines, the rows of electric vehicle chargers, and the reflection of solar panels on the roofs of homes. The Green Energy Revolution is sweeping across the country, making what used to seem like a futuristic movie, a true reality. The demand for professionals that are knowledgeable about the installation and maintenance of clean energy systems is increasing as more people look for ways to reduce their environmental impact. As an electrician, this increase in demand means we are responsible for staying up-to-date with a quickly changing industry by educating ourselves about the technology, laws and tax incentives, and serving our customers to the best of our ability.


As electricians, we’ve taken on the responsibility to learn about various renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydroelectric, as well as understand the basics of energy efficiency and conservation. We must also learn how to properly install and maintain green energy systems, such as solar panels, wind turbines, digester systems, vertical agriculture and energy-efficient lighting. We are uniquely positioning ourselves to be involved in these kinds of projects from conception and planning through completion, maintenance and service.


Cities are incentivizing and in some cases requiring the use of clean energy. Colorado has begun incentivizing homeowners to make use of solar energy, and it’s happening all over the country. San Francisco has installed solar panels on city buildings, implemented energy efficiency standards in new buildings, and has committed to transitioning to 100% renewable energy sources by 2030. Austin, Texas has also made a commitment to shift to 100% renewable energy by 2030 and has invested in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Pittsburgh has offered a variety of rebates to homeowners and businesses that install solar panels or upgrade their appliances to improve energy efficiency. Fiske Electric is keeping on top of the different incentives, tax credits, and other financial incentives available for individuals and businesses who invest in renewable energy sources.


When we work directly with clients to build a structure, whether that be a home or a business, we take it upon ourselves to know the best product choice for that specific project. The electrical industry changes frequently, and as an expert, it’s important to be educated and up-to-date with industry standards and options. Looking back, in the 1970’s electricity produced from solar cost 100 times more than grid power. Now, that cost has decreased by 90 percent and it’s a viable option for many projects. The advice we give will always take into account the investment required and the priorities of the customer.

As we embrace the Green Energy Revolution, we will be able to offer more options while building more profitable projects and staying ahead of the curve in a dynamic industry.


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