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To fully and effectively manage a complex electrical project, it takes more than electrical contractor experience. With over 40 years of experience in design build and design bid, we are more than capable of managing any of your project requirements. We promise an efficient, professional and seamless experience, ensuring every project is completed on time and on budget.

Our team has extensive experience in construction-savvy field input, cost-conscious designs, reliable budgeting and project management. Our plans and designs fit your needs both now and into the future, and minimize changes throughout construction. We promise the best value for your budget and treat each project like it's our own.



There's cost cutting, and then there's cost efficiency. We work with the building design team at the bid stage to analyze every aspect of the project, optimizing both the cost of labor and material selections. But we're not cutting corners: we're looking for the lowest life-cycle cost, consistent with both your standards and our for performance, quality, reliability, and safety. 


Know exactly what your project will cost up front, and count on us to keep it within that budget. As part of our project management services, we keep tabs on material and labor costs, and communicate with you as soon as we see something might change.


We will collaborate with other contractors who already have the framework for the project. Our years of experience in a wide range of projects gives us a competitive edge to effectively execute the work that's already been laid out. 

In the design-bid process with Fiske Electric, we're able to address concerns before work starts - eliminating costly, mid-project adjustments. This helps meet the needs of every client in an efficient and cost-effective way.


Because we've been in business for more than 40 years, we have the necessary connections and experience to make sure you're getting the right materials at the right time. We'll handle pricing, ordering and tracking of everything that's needed to complete your project. 


A Design-Build is a true team effort between Fiske Electric, the architect of the building and other subcontractors involved in the project. With decades of experience, our Design-Build leaders possess the necessary engineering background and skills to manage:

  • Utility requirements

  • Local and state jurisdictions, code and requirements

  • HVAC, audio and fire alarm systems

We are well versed in all regulatory requirements of building and electrical design, and ready to lead your project from blueprint to finish. Our process helps ensure a hassle-free, efficient and cost-effective project.


To us, estimating and reporting is as much about maintaining open communication as it is about the ability to provide an accurate estimate up front, and reports on those goods and services throughout and at completion of the project. 



Our experience spans several decades and industries, including agricultural, commercial, industrial, service, healthcare and residential. 

Our professional project management produces positive results, no matter the project or industry, and we have the capacity for large, quick and complex projects. 

Our project management approach ensures a low-cost project, and safety always comes first. 



Our licensed and trained professionals have undergone extensive training. They understand what it takes to get a job done right the first time. Any Fiske Electrician who is managing a project has completed:

  • Four years of apprenticeship training + schooling for state licensing

  • 8,000 field experience hours


The Fiske Electric Team is dedicated to running your project as smoothly as possible. You can expect:

  • Efficient troubleshooting

  • Minimal downtime and shutdowns

  • Single-source tech installation

  • High value, low end-cost


Safety always has, and always will, come first for Fiske Electric. From beginning to end of project, our electricians:

  • Provide detailed safety reports

  • Conduct regular safety meetings

  • Are rewarded for adhering to industry-leading safety standards. 

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