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CattleEye, a UK company, was founded in 2019 by Terry Canning and Adam Askew. Together with a highly trained team, CattleEye brings top tier healthcare analytics to dairy and other livestock industries through their CattleEye monitoring system. CattleEye believes that happy cows are efficient cows.


CattleEye is an excellent solution for HPR to bring to our customers, not only because of the superior technology, but also because of the level of integration across other industry solutions. Farms that use DeLaval, Allflex, GEA, Bovisync, Datamars and more can benefit from CattleEye’s technology.



CattleEye is a system created to autonomously monitor cows’ welfare and performance without collars or tags. A low-cost security camera mounted at the entrance or exit of the milking parlor and specialized artificial intelligence algorithms learn to uniquely identify cows and monitor their individual welfare and an increasing number of other behaviors. Insights are delivered to a smartphone or other device and can even be integrated with a farm management system, saving hundreds per cow per year.


The software capabilities allow for accurate and advanced detection of lameness without expensive hardware installations. Virtually any sized dairy can utilize the tools offered by CattleEye without wearables, antennas, or additional networks. Artificial Intelligence and high-tech algorithms provide expertise in an app-based platform that’s always moving forward. Pablo Lamberto- VP Global Commercial and Marketing says, “The more cows in the database, the better the algorithm.”



Lameness represents a problem for all-sized dairies, but it’s often not diagnosed until the cow shows visible signs of pain and disfunction in mobility. The CattleEye monitoring system can pick up on early signs of lameness which are imperceptible to the human eye. “The machine vision enhances what the human eye can do with tremendous consistency and without human error or bias,” Lamberto says. “The software can help identify which cows might need treatment before serious lameness becomes a problem.”


CattleEye’s ability to score mobility has been independently validated by the University of Liverpool to equal that of a trained vet whilst outperforming the same vet in the detection of painful lameness lesions. Initial farm trials report a dramatic reduction in lameness in a relatively short amount of time. The sophisticated monitoring can often detect lameness days or even weeks before the human eye, saving precious time and increasing productivity.



CattleEye focuses on cow comfort and is virtually hands-free monitoring without tags or collars which need to be repaired and replaced and can cause distress. Sensors often generate unseen labor costs, but CattleEye monitors cows without attaching anything to the cow. Early detection of lameness can lead to a reduction in pain and prompt return to productivity, but more importantly it can allow the cows to express their genetic potential and remind in the herd longer.


CattleEye is also working on analytics that can give data about body condition score and rumen health to the dairyman. The novel insights could help identify nutritional deficiencies or excesses in transition cows and detect early signs of metabolic disease.


Early lameness detection also plays a key role in transparency to responsibly sourced milk. Maximizing animal welfare in a visible and measurable way can increase consumer confidence over time. Animal welfare expectations are changing, and CattleEye’s AI analytics offer a way for farmers to readily meet those standards.


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