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High Plains Robotics is proud to partner with carefully selected vendors who offer cutting-edge technology to dairy farmers. WetIt offers a time and labor-saving solution through their teat spraying technology. The WetIt Wand™ and QD0™ boast positive results and ROI on dairies in the western US, with marked decreases in Somatic Cell Count (SCC) and new cases of mastitis.


The QDO is WetIt’s flagship system, an automatic teat dip sprayer that can be used for both pre- and post-dips. The system sprays the teats as the cow walks over the unit, prior to entering the parlor or after exiting. Because teats are sprayed prior to entry into the parlor, the extended contact time ensures better kill of any bacteria present. This eliminates one to two full steps in the milking process, reducing total milking time and improving overall efficiency in the parlor.


The WetIt Wand is designed specifically for milking on a rotary parlor. It’s a flexible spray arm that automatically reaches under the cow to spray the right amount of dip on each teat. Unique Platform Positioning Technology calculates the optimal time to spray and prevents cows from being sprayed more than once.


While increasing efficiency in the parlor, WetIt solutions also offer an option to save on labor costs for a quick ROI. Think about annual labor savings if a dairy were able to be reduce the number of parlor operators by one. Would that be $40 – $50 or $60,000 or more annually?


Together with WetIt, we are experts in robotic solutions that offer consistent, time and money saving results for our customers. We provide dairy farmers with everything they'll need to be sustainable, responsible and profitable.



WetIt Wand and QD0 are registered trademarks of WetIt.

Image credit: WetIt.

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