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Ventilation is more than the fans throughout the barn. Proper ventilation is key to cow comfort, and cow comfort is key to maximizing your bottom line.

A properly ventilated dairy barn offers ultimate cow comfort, which enhances milk production.

We offer cross, neutral, tunnel and hybrid ventilation systems, and our expertise extends from large freestall barns, to parlors and milking areas, to calf barns.


  • Enhanced cow comfort, leading to increased milk production

  • Precise control of airflow and temperature in the barn

  • Reduced incidence of heat stress

  • Expert mechanical and electrical support

Hear what other farmers have to say

They've been very attentive to a lot of my needs - right from the beginning they worked with me to help develop it, design it, lay it out, showed me a lot of options and they were very supportive right from the beginning, so I'm very pleased with their performance up to this point.

Diamond H Dairy


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