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We can look to the future with optimism because of what we’ve seen Fiske Electric accomplish this far. When we talk about our vision for a brighter tomorrow, we’re talking about more than lightbulbs.

The way we heat, light, and power our homes and businesses will change a lot in the next few years. So will our industry. Some call it the “Green Wave.” Fiske Electric will be on the leading edge of that, evolving to where the industry is heading.

The farms of the future, for instance, will harvest and produce their own energy and clean water. Wind, solar and hydrogen energy will be more prominent in the future. So will methane digestion and generation, plasma gas and biochar. All of that produces electricity. It all takes electricians. Our team will be there.

Residential and commercial installation and service will always be the foundation of Fiske Electric. In the future it may look and feel different and more efficient technology will be used in applications that haven’t been thought of yet.

We will be building the skilled labor force that takes emerging technologies and brings them to the world. We will find, vet, and implement solutions that only Electricians can bring, and that few companies will be positioned to solve. We will be on the leading edge in terms of investigating what’s coming, and in investing in a sustainable and responsible future.

We’ve gained the expertise in robotics that allows us to deliver robotic solutions to the agriculture industry as well as others. We can do the same thing with any emerging technology–because they all involve electricity; they all need Electricians. When we become the experts first, we can take that expertise and expand it everywhere.

By diversifying what we do, we’ve not only created sustainability, but we’ve also developed entirely new career possibilities for our team. We can see a brighter tomorrow because of what we’ve seen our team do. That’s what we mean by Powering Today for a Brighter Tomorrow.


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