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The detailed architecture and grandeur of historic buildings is often paired with what many contractors would consider a nightmare when it comes to modern function and safety.
Image courtesy of Johnstown Colorado

Luckily, we have modern technology on our side.

A successful restoration project involves restorationists and other trade professionals who also have experience with such intricate work. The team consults original construction documents, early photographs and historic materials to help ensure that the restoration efforts keep the building as close to its original state as possible.

One tool used to increase efficiency in modernization projects is Building Information Modeling (BIM). It's a building design technology that creates an intelligent 3D model of the building. It displays the geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, quantities and properties of the buildings. This is helpful for uniting all of a project's contractors around common goals.

Some electricians would run from a project that involves local government and historical organizations, where preservation takes priority. Many features and components have historical significance and are irreplaceable. It's long and meticulous work to preserve structural integrity and priceless detailing, fixtures and finishes.

Yet, an experienced electrician who is passionate about history is a natural fit for an involved role as project manager. The majority of the updates to be made involve fiber optic cable, wireless technology, low-voltage voice and data transmissions, audiovisual technology, alarm systems, security access and emergency backup power and LED lighting and controls.

Our home base of Johnstown, Colorado, was settled in the mid-1800's. During the 19th and 20th centuries it developed into a regional market community to serve the surrounding, local agricultural industry. Johnstown and our surrounding communities are home to countless buildings of historical and architectural significance, worthy of preservation. Here, the opportunities for electricians who are willing to take the time on these projects are endless.


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