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Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Over the last 40 years, Fiske Electric has built a reputation for professional and highly skilled electrical work across the Front Range. Our white and blue logo was a symbol of a company who stands behind their work and offers their employees room to grow and build a career.

We are excited to build on that legacy with a refreshed look. We’re rolling out an updated logo with a new color scheme across our apparel, email signatures, business cards, proposals and letterhead, and our completely new website is here!

“Rebranding is always a big job. Updating the logo without changing the recognizable established brand was the first challenge. Rebranding creates a renewed energy in the company, discussion in the community and helps with recruiting both new employees and customers.” - Kevin Fiske | Owner

Kevin says there is both a short-term and long-term vision behind the re-brand. In the short term, goals are to create a buzz in the community, enhance recruitment efforts and attract a new generation of future electricians, increase confidence for potential new customers and explore new ways to communicate with staff.

In the long term, Kevin hopes the refresh will help “future-proof” the company for new ways of conducting business. “For instance, transferring prints may be done through web portals, and as a customer navigates our website, they will be exposed to many different

areas of the company they may not know exist.” Steven Fiske adds, “We’d like to retain employees by focusing on them and building a culture that makes people want to stay here.”

We're looking forward to focusing on new ways to communicate, build a community, and put resources for company benefits and continued education at the fingertips of our employees.

With the rebrand, Kevin hopes customers will see, “A long-established company is not out of touch with the changes in the industry, and we are going to continue to stay at the leading edge. We want to give confidence that Fiske Electric can handle all electrical needs and expose customers and prospects to all of the different industries where we work.”

“Hopefully our end product will stay the same. By growing our workforce, we hope to bring the same customer service to more customers across the Front Range,” Steven concludes.


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