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Thanks to partnerships with industry-leading vendors, HPR can offer state-of-the-art solutions for every aspect of dairying, from the birth of the calf all the way through the productive life of the cow.


Förster Technik helps us hone in on calf care, from feeding to housing, to management and automation. For 50 years, Förster Technik has been developing and producing innovative technology for successful calf rearing. Their vast line of products contributes to one common goal: creating the best conditions for calves to become high-performing dairy cows. Both HPR and Förster Technik believe that a well-designed calf feeding solution lays the foundation for the future of the herd.


Some solutions HPR brings to dairy farmers through Förster Technik include:

-       Automatic Milk Management: a closed system that creates an easy and optimum fresh milk feeding with high-quality milk

-       Automatic Calf Feeders: the heart of an automatic feeding system that mixes the portions and provides calves with freshly prepared feed around the clock

-       CalfRail: the fully automatic feeding box, allowing feedings in individual pens

-       Colostrum Management: a gentle and effective colostrum pasteurizing and storage solution


Förster Technik’s vision for the future is a perfect match with that of HPR. “We move with the times and offer future-proof solutions and concepts in the field of automation and digitalization for your calf barn as well. Here, we focus especially on animal welfare, and above all, healthy calf rearing – because only healthy, vital and stress-free reared animals can lead your farm to peak performance.”


Learn more about Förster Technik’s solutions at


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