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Whether a decade into the industry or just exploring career options, it’s important to know what the fabric of a successful electrician looks like. Everyone has their own strengths and each individual should lean on what they do well while also identifying and developing areas that could be lacking.

At Fiske Electric, there are five qualities we look for in new hires or emphasize when providing continuing education and growth to our current employees. We want to help our employees become experts in their field while also being well-rounded individuals.

1. Safety-First Mindset

This quality is listed first for a reason - safety is the most important quality we look for in employees. There are numerous ways to be safe on the job and when working with electricity, it will take dedication to become educated on proper precautions and safety measures. A safety-first mindset means an electrician moves with caution and confidence. We like to see electricians on the job who know what they should be doing just as much as what they should not be doing - knowing and respecting boundaries will get someone much further than “faking it until you make it.” Having a safety-first mindset could be the difference between causing injury (or worse) and clocking out at the end of the day.

2. Willingness to Learn

This is two-fold: there should be a willingness to learn in the classroom and a willingness to learn from other electricians in a hands-on setting. We often hear applicants and employees say they are “hands-on learners.” However, the classroom is the first step in learning and protecting everyone. Given the dangerous nature of the work electricians encounter, the best place to start learning to prevent injury is in a classroom setting.

Many are eager to learn on the job, and we love to see that! The experienced electricians who mentor new electricians take time out of their day to slow down and teach, and that is a priceless gift. This industry relies on mentorship to fast-track growth and learning, so it is important to learn with an open mind and humble attitude.

3. Good Communication Skills

Whether working on a team or independently, clear communication is the only way to be successful on job sites. When working with multiple trades (architects, contractors, managers and crews to name a few), it is vital that plans are communicated properly in order for the job to be completed quickly and accurately.

Another area we see communication skills either shine or fall drastically short is customer service. Because we offer all types of services, including residential, we expect our electricians to be respectful, helpful and knowledgeable toward our clients. As a representative of Fiske Electric, our electricians must be adept in customer service.

4. Adaptability

By nature, an electrician’s job list can be vastly different from one project to another, especially when going from residential to commercial to agricultural construction. Adaptability will allow employees to be successful both in the company and on the job site.

At Fiske Electric, we also expect employees to be open to working with their peers. This comes into play when an experienced electrician lends a hand to guide a new hire or when two workers put their differences aside to accomplish a common goal.

5. Determination

Those who have been in the industry for decades can attest to the fact that being an electrician is not for the faint of heart. Physical elements such as injuries and weather delays can be challenges that require perseverance to get through. The never-ending learning can feel like an impossible test that could never be passed (Hint: it’s not supposed to be one big test, it’s a lifelong learning experience). The electricians who are successful carry their heads high through the trials and come out on the other side more experienced and well-rounded. Determination is the key that separates the successful veterans from the rest.

In Fiske Electric’s 40 years of business, we have seen many electricians make their way through the journey of this rewarding and challenging career. While not everyone possesses all five of these qualities in their entirety, we see hints of each quality in every one of the successful electricians we work with. Having a safety-first mindset, being willing to learn, using good communication skills, adapting to challenges and being determined are factors that will set one worker apart from the rest - both on and off the job site.


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