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Earlier this year, Fiske Electric re-introduced High Plains Robotics (HPR) as the dairy division of Fiske Electric. The dairy dealership has changed looks a little bit over the last five years, and both our customers and we have been happy with the result of bringing it back under the Fiske Electric umbrella.

HPR has been integral in the setup of one of the largest robotic dairies in the world. And now, we see even more opportunities to grow our business. Namely, an industrial division that encompasses breweries.

“The systems, as far as stainless steel, the proper cleaning, cooling – we have similar automation and electrical. A lot of similarities between breweries and large-scale dairies,” says Matt Stubbs, Dairy Specialist for HPR.

Denver, Colorado is officially dubbed the “Craft Beer Capital of Colorado,” and our office in Johnstown is located a short 45 minutes north of there. Being in the heart of Colorado’s brewing country and armed with the knowledge and experience from working on large dairies, an industrial division is both a logical and natural next step for HPR.

Stubbs says that much of the work with breweries so far is in HVAC. Fiske Electric and HPR employ licensed HVAC technicians for this work and for the work on dairies. While Colorado doesn’t require specific HVAC licensing, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires technicians to have a permit in order to handle refrigerants.

“Since our guys are licensed, breweries and industrial settings are another place where it makes sense for them to put their skills to good work,” Stubbs adds.

Across both the dairy and industrial divisions, HPR is also putting a focus on technology and automation. As early adopters of automation in dairy, we know our knowledge and skillset will translate directly into breweries.

Maintenance and service round out HPR’s current offerings, both for the dairy and industrial divisions. Stubbs says HPR got its start in the brewing industry be being reliable and efficient on service calls.

“That’s another area where our skills transfer over from the dairy industry,” Stubbs says. “We know every minute of downtime cuts into profitability, and we’re here to keep that to a minimum.”


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